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Long Term View of Relationships

At Telesto, we want to build relationships with people we would want to work with forever. That’s why we place emphasis on trust, transparency, and respect, in hopes of forming relationships that will continue to grow and flourish for years to come.

Extreme Ownership 

We believe taking responsibility is critical to progress. That’s why whether we experience victory or defeat, we push through obstacles to see things through to the finish.  Our team views obstacles as opportunities, and accepts challenges as a chance to learn something new. 

(Call out team ownership of outcomes)  (Leader owns assignment and partners with team) (Post Mortem and ruthless honesty of what went right and went wrong)

Continuous Growth Mindset

At our core, we value continued growth, learning, and improvement among the individuals on our team and for our company as a whole. 


Personal growth involves seasons of stress and those of recovery. If you’re always operating at full capacity without creating space for rest and renewal, you’ll have difficulty accessing your full potential.


At Telesto, we achieve big outcomes by maintaining a small focus. To operate at peak performance, we’re continuously re-evaluating our work and letting go of lesser leverage actions. 

Family Takes Priority

We value hard work and we also understand family takes precedence. If your role at home is compromised because of your career, adjustments to your work-life balance can and should be made. We believe family is a priority, and at the end of the day is more important than the work we are doing.

Dream Big. We’ll help you get there.

Life is about trying new things and uncovering what makes you feel most alive. These discoveries may be career-oriented, or they may be part of a larger dream. As a company, we encourage you to explore those dreams, and we’ll do everything we can to support you in achieving them.